Lost Among the Frozen Peas

This one’s really clunky, but it’s a about a very difficult and raw time. Death is a real bitch!


Lost Among the Frozen Peas

He died.
We didn’t misplace him
Among the frozen peas aisle.
He died. The bastard.
Don’t get me wrong, I liked him.
I just never knew him,
Which is kind of sad really
As he was my grandfather.
We’re not tight-knit family.
In fact, we rarely speak. Ever.
We’re like ships passing at night,
On different continents.
Weddings, funerals, maybe chip shops.
A look of acknowledgement,
Sometimes not even that,
Depending on the mood.
That’s just how family is.
Well, it’s just how mine is.
I wouldn’t have chosen it,
But that’s life, I suppose.
I don’t really care though.
It’s not playing on my mind.
My family don’t get on,
Which is kind of weird really.
There’s no one to blame of course.
It’s just a fact of life.
Who knows why it all started.
I doubt they can remember.
One thing I do know for sure:
He’s not sleeping, you know.
He’s not nipped down the shops.
And we didn’t lose him.
He died.




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