In Dreams

I was recently rooting through a junk draw (everyone’s got one), when I came across an old memory stick. I had no idea what was on it, so I stuck it into my computer and discovered a bunch of poems I had written years ago. It was so fun reading through them again, it really takes me back to the exact time and place I was at (not just physically) when I composed them. I hope you enjoy them too.


In Dreams

Weariness overcomes the day,
Bringing with it the eager night;
When dreams illuminate the grey
And free us from the thankless fight.
We chase every whim without misery,
Relishing the only goodness left:
When we bathe our minds in liberty
And cast the shackled world adrift.
We soar on promise and desire,
Courage leaping from our pores;
Our minds free from mortal fibre
And as blissful as deserted shores.
In dreams we can be all we wanted.
In dreams we are never daunted.
The days would pass by like gentle streams
If we could live our lives in dreams.


Thank you Edgar Allan Poe for ‘A Dream Within A Dream’, which helped inspire ‘In Dreams’.




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