Haiku – Virgin Snow

Just thought I’d share a little Haiku – it’s only three lines – it won’t last long I promise!

Stay a while longer.

A phone ignites the darkness;

Virgin snow crumbles.

See, it’s over now.

Haiku poems consist of three short lines. They can capture an event, emotion, image or be entirely frivolous. All that matters is that you grab the moment; like catching a snow flake in your hand and trying to draw a picture of it before it melts.

I’ve found Haiku poetry to be strangely addictive, to the point where I now find it difficult to express myself in more than three lines at a time. As you can imagine, this has made my everyday life quite difficult. In fact, I often now find myself standing dumbstruck in the street in front of a bunch of total strangers who have innocently asked me directions, or whether I’d like to join the AA, or Greenpeace. Speaking of the AA, perhaps, there’s a support group I can join – Haiku Anonymous? In fact, as I’m writing this blog I’m starting to feel more than a little queasy and quite frankly disgusted with my hideous bony fingers which just won’t stop typing. Must stop! Too… many… WORDS!


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